empower manufacturing SMEs with AI based technology
Technology transfer by licensing

Franchise package

Botshare develops autonomous robotic systems and transfers technology through a licensed (franchise) model. Based on our experience, you are invited to create a manufacturing enterprise for the production and implementation of autonomous mobile robots (AMR).

B2B production franchise
B2B production franchise

- Manufacturing SMEs
- Hi-Tech Entrepreneurs

End customer:
- Warehouse logistics
- Manufacture automatization

botshare franshise
Market Opportunity

  • Market exp. = $18B (2027)
  • AGV growth rate = 24% 
  • AMR growth rate =43% 
  • Installed base = 2.4M (2027)
  • E-commerce growth factor
  • New normal in operations
  • Long term uptrend

profitable robotics franchise

  • Low entrance fee
  • Royalty = 5-10%
  • No initial investments*
  • ROI = 900%*
  • Short time to market*
  • No risks
    * - for manufacturing SME

AMR production franchise
Our responsibility

  • Business guide
  • Marketing guide
  • AMR production set up guide
  • End user documentation
  • End user use case guide
  • Maintenance & service guide
  • Production & purchases guide

unfair edge

Competing china

local production & service
Chinese producersBotshare franchiseeEurope/USA producers
Delivery timeyesno, localyes
Delivery costsyesno, localyes
Service/Integrationyesyes, localyes
Maintenanceyesyes, localyes
technology provider for manufacturers

Perfectly suits manufacturers in the field of warehouse equipment and logistics, manufacturers of conveyors, forklifts and warehouse equipment, FMCG Retail equipment, postal equipment, e-commerce equipment.

Below are the most common types of mobile robots, this product line covers the most common use cases and can be demonstrated in the Showroom. Delivery robots, warehouse and production logistics robots, sorting robots in the postal or e-commerce, pharmaceutical, agricultural or automotive industries.

retail fulfillment amr
lets workers seamlessly alternate between picking and re-stocking/putaway.

ELIMINATES WASTED WALKING TIME.Higher productivity, less aisle traffic

  • Order consolidation
  • Parcel sortation
  • Omnichannel fulfillment
conveyor sorting amr

Robot-centric environments low human interaction
easily reconfigurable

  • Order fulfillment
  • Replenishment
  • Simple WMS integration
AMR Botshare (conveyor) 
fast and easy technology transfer for SME

Affordable robotics for SME and R&D

For existing manufacturers, the Botshare franchise will increase competitiveness, expand product range and increase the added value of manufactured products.

Main technical characteristics:

- Navigation accuracy - 0.1 m;
- Speed, maximum - 2 m/s;
- The minimum distance to detect obstacles is 5 cm;
- Maximum distance to detect obstacles - 40 m;
- Permissible floor slope, max - 5 degrees;
- Carrying capacity, up to - 120 kg (500kg);
- Intelligent self-charging with positioning via QR code at the charging station;
- Web interface for controlling the robot and settings (local, web).

Other specifications:
- LIDAR SLAM technology (QR-code navigation optionally);
- Extension for additional working attachments (manipulator, elevator);
- WxDxH - 600x800x350.
Application options:
- Helping improve the overall efficiency of your operations;
- Faster picking, Lower costs and higher worker satisfaction;
- Double or triple order fulfillment volumes without increasing labor or space;
- AI-based real time analysis and optimisation.
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AI-Based resource optimisation

Cloud-based AI-based Botshare robot management system can work with any AMR/AGV based on VDA5050 interoperability standard.

Botshare cloud platform allows you to analyze the distribution and use of resources on your Enterprise. Based on the analysis, the AI-based engine performs resource optimization.

The Botshare Cloud Framework gives you the power and tools to virtually replicate your business, logistics, and manufacturing processes and use this simulation to determine the most profitable solutions in terms of ROI and other metrics.

Thus, all physical processes associated with logistics and production can be digitized, modeled, calculated, studied and then accurately implemented in a real form in the enterprise. After the implementation of real automation and robotization in the enterprise, your digital copy becomes an accurate reflection of this physical implementation and is further used to analyze, optimize and control processes.

Botshare licenses this cutting-edge technology to businesses. An AI-powered cloud environment dramatically increases the speed of business processes previously performed by humans.

Botshare is a growing company specializing in AI-based robotics automation for manufacturing small and medium businesses.

AI based resource optimisation Botshare

Robotics is developing at a grandiose pace, already now in developed countries, fully automated processes for sorting and moving goods are an everyday norm. Such explosive growth is being spurred on by high staff costs and wage rates are particularly high in developed countries. 

The annual cost for a forklift operator can be as high as $50,000. If the forklift is to be operated around the clock, then at least 3-4 drivers are required. If the investment cost of a forklift of $10,000 is added to the personnel costs, the annual cost per forklift will exceed $200,000.

Mobile robots (AGV and AMR) allow you to optimize labor costs (up to 75% reduction in labor costs) and space (saving up to 75% of floor space) in warehouse facilities with a significant increase in the speed, accuracy and efficiency of processes.

At this stage, we have come close to the moment when autonomous robots, previously the prerogative of large corporations and large investments, are moving into the category of ordinary goods.

The so-called "long tail" - a large majority of the market, is now actively implementing more accessible and understandable automation technologies in order to remain competitive and develop.

AGV and AMR Market is expected to reach more than18 Billion by 2027 with a growth rate of around 24% and 43% for AGV and AMR respectively. Both AGVs and AMRs collectively are going to cross the installed base of 2.4 million in 2027 to make the mobile robots a new normal in our day-to-day operational activities.

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