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The Botshare product concept involves the refinement and creation of new robot models at the request of our partners, integrators and their end customers. 

The task of the team is to train integrators, as well as to help and support integrators as much as possible in the use and implementation of our products. Thinking about our customers, we have formed a team that customizes our existing solutions, as well as creating new robots or features for a specific client needs on existing mobile platforms of our Partners (listed below).
This is where we often get new ideas to improve our products, ideas to create new products.


- software development for autonomous robots on ROS2 (C ++, Python), CV, AI, ML;

- embedded SW development (real time systems based on STM32F4);

- autonomous navigation, SLAM, EKF, AMCL, UI, AWS-based Cloud solutions;

- PCB development, mechanics and chassis design, suppliers sourcing, production preparation.

PM | Alex reznichenko

Have more than 15 years of experience in R&D, more than 10 years as a CEO - creating a new product, bringing a product to the market, company management, finance, production start-up and supply management. Managed several of his companies, created from the idea to production and exit, serial entrepreneur.

Duties and Responsibilities:

- An in depth knowledge of the project scope of work, commercial and contractual position to maintain accurate reporting of the current and forecast financial status, risks and opportunity, project cash flow.
- Management of cross functional engineering teams.
- Take full responsibility for the on-time and to-budget delivery of the project, keeping all stakeholders positively engaged and updated.
- Effectively manage changes in the scope driven by client.
- Establish and motivate a multi-disciplinary project team.
- Represent company in all key project delivery meetings.

technical sales | Roman Zimnicky

Results-driven manager with proven success increasing profits for Industrial Automation companies. In-depth knowledge of products and technology used in the industry, combined with a talent for building and sustaining profitable relationships. Dedicated, consistent leadership qualities. Highly skilled in the entire sales process, from prospecting through closing.

Duties and Responsibilities:

- Win the trust and respect of our prospective clients;
- Understand business issues and how to solve them;
- Put in the hard yards of prospecting to find new clients;
- Judiciously use our internal capabilities, and manage the client stakeholders, to result in successful sales
- Know when not to sell or when a sale is unlikely and focus efforts elsewhere
- Know how to sell bespoke software solutions.
- Presenting and giving advice on a wide range of technical solutions to customers and partners.

firmware developer | ruslan bredun

Duties and Responsibilities:

- Delivering products in a tightly resource constrained environment;
- Working with embedded test equipment, such as oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, and in-circuit emulators;
- Implementation of embedded communications protocols such as I2C, SPI, UART and CAN-BUS;
- Programming in C++ and/or Python, developing for RTOS;
- Electronical circuits, PCB design and development.

SW Developer | nick reznichenko

Has 6 years of experience in the development and supervision of work on the production of robots, he is fluent in ROS, C ++, Python.
Nick launched more than 10 types of robots from idea to prototype and pre-production, knows everything about software and hardware testing.

SW engineer, conducts R&D work in the field of autonomous navigation, using ROS, SLAM technology, AI-based computer vision for object recognition.

construction designer | dmitry mishnev

- Collaborates with developers, PM, clients, and other stakeholders to understand the requirements and scope;
- Drafts blueprints, sketches or other documentation demonstrating proposed ideas and prototypes, designs and develops robotic prototypes;
- Constructs, configures, tests, and debugs robots and robotic systems;
- Installs, operates, calibrates, and maintains robots;
- Ensures that robotic machines operate safely, dependably, and with precision; identifies and implements modifications;
- Provides technical support and troubleshooting services;
- Recommends, develops, and implements enhancements and improvements to increase production volume;
- Maintains documentation of development process, modifications, maintenance requirements, and other data;
- Assists with cost estimates and project calculations;
- Performing assigned product manufacturing and assembly tasks;
- Conducting quality checks on the functionality of parts and components;
- Optimizing production efficiency;
- Complying with internal policies and industry regulations.

senior SW developer | invisible ;)

- More than 10 years of professional experience developing production commercial software on C++, Python for ROS with a solid mathematical background;
- Experience with distributed software, robotics software and ROS development;
- Proficiency with standard DevOps workflows and tools;
- Experience with Git/Github, Docker, and Linux package management;
- Experience with Agile Tools, as well as continuous integration and unit testing;
- Professional experience implementing on real hardware in a production environment: SLAM, CV, NN, ML, robot control and navigation (local trajectory planning and execution);
- Professional software engineering practices & best practices for the full software development life cycle, including coding standards, code reviews, source control management, agile development, build processes, testing, and operations;
- Computer Science fundamentals in algorithm design, problem solving, and complexity analysis;
- Able to design, implement, and test software in a fast-paced environment.


As a professional robotics development company, we employ our best minds and the most sophisticated technologies such as artificial intelligence and computer vision to build autonomous systems and Behavior-based Autonomous Navigation. To provide high performance of your robotized machine, we use the best hardware platforms for robotics development. We employ the most powerful frameworks and cloud solutions for robotics software development.

 Wheeled robots | Autonomous movement | Robotic Arms | Specialized robotics

We serve the needs of different kinds of businesses, we offer a choice of four different frameworks that define collaboration between us and our clients.

0001 Project-based outsourcing

This is our most typical engagement model. In project-based outsourcing, we are responsible for the development of the entire project from start to finish. We will go through a planning stage to gather requirements, build a roadmap, and assemble the team. Our team will then carry out project management all the way until the project is completed. We guarantee the quality of the end result while meeting time and cost constraints.

0010 Dedicated development team

This model is used by companies who are either looking to supplement their in-house team with a few qualified hardware or software engineers or need an entire offshore development office for full-time project development. The main advantage of the dedicated team model is that it gives you full control over your project. You can change priorities at any time, control the cost of development, and scale your team fast.

0011 Research & development

We offer a research and development model for companies that are looking to build completely new and innovative products but aren't sure if their projects are scientifically or technologically possible. With our help, you can get an idea of the feasibility of your project, identify potential risks, and understand the cost needed for the implementation of the project. We provide scientific research, prototyping, and implementation if the solution is feasible.

0100 Technology consulting

If you need to get an idea of what technology is needed for your project development, or if you require a professional review of your existing solution, you can use our technology consulting model. We will analyze your functional and non-functional requirements and offer the most optimal and cost-effective technology solution with a comprehensive explanation of why you need it. Then we'll implement this solution, guiding you every step of the way.



sharing robotics
Alex Reznichenko

R&D pojects

Innovation is firmly rooted in our DNA, motivating us to actively develop new technologies and implement them into industrial practice. Within this framework, we cooperate in national and international projects with outstanding partners and consortiums.
On the basis of the Berliner Hochschule für Technik (BHT), a joint laboratory of robotics and artificial intelligence is actively developing. BHT is the second largest University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, Germany.
Our team is developing and conducting research on the application of RADAR based on active phased antenna arrays in the mmWave range for autonomous navigation.
As part of the research work on the use of GPR for the search and recognition of mines, we also apply technology with active phased antenna arrays.

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sharing robotics
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Need to automate your production?

Botshare Robotics is an experienced partner specializing in the automation of logistics processes for manufacturing and warehouse SMEs using mobile robots.

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We cooperate with leading enterprises in our country and Globally on Win-Win based model. Our partners are Manufacturers, R&D institutions, leading robotics developers, governmental institutions - we learn from each other and growth together.


sharing robotics

Botshare company meets 6 Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals are a call to action for all countries—poor, rich and middle-income—to prosper while protecting our Planet.
Following these 6 principles that we cover is the basis of Botshare's strategic vision, our mission, vision, and values. We recognize that poverty eradication must go hand in hand with policies that promote economic growth and address a range of social needs, including education, health, social protection and employment opportunities, while addressing climate change and protecting the environment.

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