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The path of a startup is incredibly difficult, success does not come at midnight, you need to go to it, step by step, going through the valley of death. Every time you go down this path - you tell yourself - never again, but when you have gone through it - you always want to go from 0 to 1 again, from nothing to success!


Sharing robotics to unleash human resources for creativity and well-being.

As an early stage entrepreneur, the unknown is your constant companion. You can never fully know where your next step will take you and what lies beyond that next step. But you can take the next step, and it's important to keep taking steps, even after you slip, take a wrong turn, fall through, and so on. Don't give up, follow your dream.
Learn from mistakes, build a system, build and support a team.

OUR vision

Our Team creating Innovations that matters to unleash human capabilities Globally;

Our motivated, talented and experienced Team of professionals will be recognised as the best in their field. Our sustained success will be built on full human involvement and widespread technology integration;

Believing in mutual responsibility and interdependence with Team and our Clients, we work efficiently and on time. Believing that we can reach the greatest heights together, we don't settle for less than being the best;

Listening our customers, we offer products, services and innovative thinking that enable us to succeed together and build strong relationships;

Our curiosity, motivation and enthusiasm are contagious and spread both inside and outside the team, among our clients and their teams. We inspire people around to succeed;

Our work is an interesting and inspiring part of our life, we do not waste energy during work hours, we gain passion and can pass it on to our families and friends. We create a fuller and richer lifestyle around us;

We strive to maximise human potential and unleash our human capabilities to learn how to achieve a safer, better world and personal well-being.

At the first stages of cooperation, it is very important to see not even the professional skills of the candidate, but only compliance with our style of work and values, the candidate's ability to self-organize, set priorities, and create a plan.
It is very important that the candidate shares our vision and is inspired by our now common mission. Without this, it doesn’t even make sense to move on to professional skills.

Our values


  • Curiosity & Persistence;
  • Focus & Discipline;
  • Excellence & Pedantry;
  • Integrity & Accountability;
  • Fast & Sense of Urgency;
  • Think Company & Customer First;
  • Communicate clearly.


  • Think outside the box;
  • Challenge constructively;
  • Take risk;
  • Act before others do;
  • Accomplish and improve;
  • Great - it is just a first step;
  • Learn constantly.


  • Fast is better than slow;
  • Customer orientation;
  • Results orientation;
  • Always deliver exceptional quality;
  • Reliability and timeliness are unaltered;
  • Act Win - Win;
  • Growth together;
  • Represent our values.


  • Be Honest;
  • Be Reliable & Loyal;
  • Feel personal responsibility;
  • Learn from each other;
  • Be accountable;
  • Feel belonging;
  • Support ecology initiatives;
  • Support ethical initiatives;
  • Create a positive place to work.

  • Mission can only be possible through commercial success.
  • Vision is what leads us to success.
  • Values are something that we are not ready to sacrifice and what we are guided by on the way to success. 

We are at an early stage - here and now the maximum opportunities for growth are concentrated. You grow - the company grows, the company grows - our common success grows!
Everyone who now starts working in our company will stand at its origins, at the origins of the company's success, and hence their personal success - each of our employees is part of the company.
Whoever dares and is able to go through this difficult and at the same time very grateful path will become a full shareholder of the company. Here prosperity is the work of your hands and efforts. All in your hands.

As a rule, our selection of candidates takes place in 4 stages:

First stage (approximately 2 weeks):
Collection of CVs and applications (LinkedIn, AngelList, etc.). 

Second stage (approximately 2 weeks):
Processing of collected CVs and selection of the first shortlist. At this stage, your professional qualities, relevant experience, and skills are mainly evaluated. 

Third stage (approximately 2 weeks):
Then the first offline contact with the candidate takes place, the feedback is processed and the second shortlist is formed. At this stage, we usually try to better understand the candidate's mindset, his vision of the strategy, understanding of the market, the tools used and the specifics of our company. 

Fourth stage (1 week):
Online interview (40 min). Just a conversation of people with similar interests. After or during the online conversation, we will discuss general issues that are not necessarily related to your knowledge and skills as a professional, but are more about relationships in a team, with partners, values, your principles and rules that guide you in life.
Further, we usually offer one or more candidates a paid project assignment, usually lasting about 1 month (remote part-time work), based on the results of which it will be possible to talk about further cooperation.

our vacansies

Robotics Mechatronics Engineer

Job summary:

The Botshare AI team is looking for curious, open-minded engineers to join our young team.

At this stage, our team is focused on the development of autonomous robots for logistics and warehouse applications. This industry is growing rapidly and is represented by more than 70 different models of robots with different functions and mechanisms. Our work with you as a design engineer means developing even more models, improving current solutions, working on the manufacturability of solutions and reducing our carbon footprint.

As an autonomous robot chassis and hardware engineer, you will design, build, and test innovative robotic systems and components. The ideal candidate has experience in the design and analysis of mechanical systems, enjoys solving analytical problems, and has a working knowledge of manufacturing methods.

  • Development of chassis and mechanisms of autonomous mobile robots, including robotic arms, elevators, shuttle systems, AS/RS, etc;
  • Development of structures and mechanisms, ensuring the succession of documentation, coordination and approval of the design of the chassis and mechanisms with the production team, the team of electronics developers, marketing, etc;
  • Work with an interdisciplinary team to improve and maintain an existing product design, including specification, design, prototyping, validation, and testing;
  • Work with operations, manufacturing, supply chain and quality control organisations and suppliers to ensure a smooth transition of production to design changes;
  • Write requirements and functional specifications, design verification plans, and functional testing procedures;
  • Creation of a complete set of design documentation, technical description, considering manufacturability and carbon footprint.

  • Strong hands on experience with the ability to craft simple proof-of-concept models;
  • Thorough understanding and use of principals, theories and concepts in mechanical engineering;
  • Strong organisational skills and the ability to work well with teams of hardware and software engineers;
  • Demonstrated ability to develop deep understanding of the business and end user needs quickly, and can proficiently translate those needs into the right technology solution;
  • Strong hands on experience with the ability to craft simple proof-of-concept models;
  • Ability to effectively communicate concepts and proposals;
  • Desire and energy to work in a fast-paced agile environment.

  • BS, M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering;
  • 4+ years of experience in the design of complex mechanical products and equipment;
  • Use of technologies: metal bending, laser cutting, vacuum forming, turning.
  • Understanding the feasibility study, manufacturability, the ability to provide production support.
  • Established background in robotics or mechatronic systems with technology focus in mobile robots, lifting mechanisms;
  • Experience related to systems architecture, design, and system integration of mechatronic devices;
  • SolidWorks or similar CAD experience with best practices for part design, advanced assemblies, complex configuration management;
  • Familiar with using and the capabilities of rapid prototyping equipment (CNC, bending, laser cutter, turning works)
  • Built and deployed robots to production environments.

Working conditions:
  • Interesting and exciting work in robotics R&D;
  • Your opinion matters. You can help shape your working environment;
  • Training and participation in professional events;
  • Regular feedback and professional growth prospects;
  • Global professional networking;
  • Rapid growth and development of the company together with you;
  • Flexible working hours. Work when and where you want;
  • Continuous growth of salary + bonuses;
  • Growth to the TechLead.

ROS C++ Developer

Job summary:
As a Robotics C++/ROS Software Engineer you will develop key components of navigation, vision, control, and coordination for single and multi-robot systems. You will collaborate cross-functionally to define clear requirements, deliverables, and test cases with design, HW and Embedded teams. Improvement of the current software stack. Review and documentation of software packages. Improvement of software architecture and development process. 
  • Autonomous navigation algorithms implementation;
  • VSLAM, sensor fusing, waypoints, behavior threes implementation;
  • Global, Local planner algorithms implementation for fleet management;
  • Cooperation with Embedded systems and UI development teams;
  • Ability to use effective and actual software development and testing methodologies;
  • Tech documentation development, work with tools such as GitHub;
  • Writing production-quality code that is robust, efficient, portable, maintainable, and bug-free;
  • Test and deploy developed algorithms in simulation environments as well as on production vehicles;
  • Build infrastructure for regression testing, performance validation, and system maintenance.
  • ROS2, RMF, Gazebo, Rviz;
  • Git, Linux;
  • C++, Python;
  • Unit Test.
  • 3+ years of practical experience with ROS and Linux;
  • Deep development experience with C ++, Python;
  • Professional experience implementing on real hardware LIDAR SLAM;
  • Knowledge of professional software engineering practices & best practices for the full software development life cycle, including coding standards, code reviews, source control management, agile development, build processes, testing, and operations;
  • Computer Science fundamentals in algorithm design, problem solving, and complexity analysis;
  • Demonstrated ability to design, implement, and test software in a fast-paced environment;
  • Self-motivated and able to solve problems independently;
  • Strong communication skills, ability to work well in a team environment;
  • English level: B1+.
Working conditions:
  • Interesting and exciting work in robotics R&D;
  • Your opinion matters. You can help shape your working environment;
  • Training and participation in professional events;
  • Regular feedback and professional growth prospects;
  • Global professional networking;
  • Rapid growth and development of the company together with you;
  • Flexible working hours. Work when and where you want;
  • Continuous growth of salary + bonuses;
  • Growth to the TechLead. 


The B2B Marketing & Sales Manager will be the core member of Botshare's B2B Sales & Marketing team. Many requirements, responsibilities and skills are described below - of course it will be difficult for one person to fulfill this, especially for a long time, so we expect that the future candidate will soon begin to form his team.
  • Sales of License and Franchise to the manufacturing enterprises (EU, ME, Poland, Asia, USA);
  • Understands the role of the department in overall corporate strategy and sets goals consistent with this role;
  • Collaborate and coordinate with internal and external sales teams to develop strategic marketing plans;
  • Gradual training and transition to the position of the head of the sales department;
  • Support the core goals of increasing brand awareness and clients acquisition;
  • Systematic media engagement, analysis of actual topics, news feed creation;
  • Creative messaging, email marketing;
  • Management and content development for all sales support tools: social networks, websites, blog, video blog, external information resources.
  • Creates promotional materials, flyers, brochures, catalogs, email templates and sales presentations.
  • Works with multiple departments to ensure all content is relevant, communicate brand value propositions, and meet customer needs;
  • Writes creative assignments for review and approval by the CEO and relevant internal teams;
  • Manages and maintains relationships with agencies, designers and other external vendors;
  • Provides creative assignments to the respective agencies / designers and ensures that the work is carried out in accordance with the creative assignment;
  • Manages quality assurance during preparation and production, including accuracy of content, grammar, spelling, and tone;
  • Ensures correct use of corporate identity standards;
  • Prepare and present to the team reports on the success of marketing campaigns and website performance using data from Google Analytics, LinkedIn Sales Manager and third-party providers.
  • Continuously measures the effectiveness of all campaigns and support tools for revisions, updates or adjustments;
  • Constantly monitors industry trends, directions and opportunities;
  • Keeping clients in CRM, do analysis, reporting;
  • Partner with external vendors and industry associations to manage the team's presence at key industry events.
  • Exhibitions, trade shows and events participating (online/offline);
  • Make sure all exhibition booth assets showcase our value proposition and are delivered on time / as per specification.
  • 3-4 years of relevant experience in marketing / sales in a manufacturing enterprise or selling a license, franchise;
  • Experience in the field of sales of IT products, high-tech equipment, production franchises, SW license is desirable;
  • Strong communication, interpersonal and presentation skills;
  • Great attention to details, proven project management skills;
  • Ability to develop and manage successful internal and external relationships;
  • Ability to deliver results in a team-oriented and cross-functional environment;
  • Ability to work independently and in cooperation;
  • Experience in CRM systems (Bitrix24) is desirable;
  • Segment understanding: Robotics, SW, AI, Licensing;
  • Conducting online and in person negotiations in English;
  • High learning ability, desire to growth with the Company;
  • Travel 20% of the time.
  • Understanding the specifics of sales and experience in the B2B segment;
  • English level - high: B2+.
  • Working conditions:
  • Rapid growth and development of the company together with you;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Continuous growth of salary + sales commission + bonuses;
  • Growth to the head of the sales department, CMO;
  • Option or share in a company on vesting cliff terms. 

We are creating a Global company in the field of artificial intelligence, our mission is technology sharing and technology transfer, making technology available to everyone and anywhere in the world!

Like many other companies, we have roughly mapped out the path we are going to take in order to achieve our mission and strategic goals. Along the way, we started with a service company in the field of warehouse automation and logistics. Today, we manufacture robots and sell them to the end customer, offering services, but our strategic goal is a industry agnostic company that sells an AI-based business on a franchise model.

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We launched the company in March 2022 in Poland.
The Team has successfully passed incubation and acceleration programs, won several grant programs and the Main Thing is ahead of course!